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Bonnie hunt david letterman dating

He was the one who helped her write and star in her own series.Letterman was married with kids so what he had with Bonnie ended as a very short affair and it led to nothing serious.Robert was an electrician and the father to the seven Hunt children.He was known in the neighborhood to be a strict disciplinarian and was very present as a father to his kids.He had a heart attack and fifty and that was how he passed on.After losing her dad, she remained in nursing school and worked as a nurse for five years but never gave up her dream for the show business.Alice Hunt had always been the supportive mum who was in agreement with the decision of her children.

She enrolled in nursing school against her wish but shortly after she began this journey, her father died.

They were proof that not every Hollywood marriage was destined to crash in just a short time.

No one expected it in 2006 when the long time lovers made known their sad intention.

While she was in high school, Hunt spent her summers as a voluntary candy stripper before she became passionate about healthcare.

She started out as a nurse aide then became a nurse at the dictate of her father.

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She shuttled between acting and nursing until her love for the show business finally won all of her heart.

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