Learning dating etiquette

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Learning dating etiquette

So if you see after 5-6 visits in Ukraine and in your home country, after meeting her and your family, you still feel comfortable with her and you can say that she is your match, you are ready to make her a proposal!

If you see that the woman makes no efforts to learn your language that means for me that she does not take your relationship seriously.

Otherwise, it is also important that the woman comes to you to UK to see how you live there.

There are a few adventures if a woman comes to your country to visit you: I know more than 1-2 visits are an expensive fun but frustration and divorce will cost you a lot more expensive then.

a more intimate kiss) when dating a Ukrainian lady who doesn’t yet speak English and meetings are in public places with an interpreter.

(Obviously it would be a slower process than dating a Western woman in one’s home country).

Remember to mind your manners and become familiar with our rules of etiquette.

How soon is it generally appropriate to create the first steps of physical intimacy (e.g.

You should know that our culture is rather conservative (the women are shy and do not kiss at the first date usually).

Many readers write me that Ukrainian and Russian ladies are very shy, cannot or do not want to hug or kiss Western men, and it is really difficult sometimes to find out whether the woman is into you or not.

And I would look for women with basic English because that means they learn the language for communication with men.

At what stage is it generally good timing to express commitment to one lady (including removing your profile from dating sites), and ask if she feels likewise?

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She does not need to spend a lot of money for that, there are online tutorials for free. So if the woman tells you that she is looking for a dream man more than 1-2 years but she speaks no English word, think about why…

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