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And then produce, at the very least, a good Powerpoint presention, handout/worksheet or activity. Make absolutely sure you have a good extension activity even if you are pretty sure you won't have time to use it. If you can't be bothered to make an effort for this, what does it say about your contribution to the life of the school/college? You have a short amount of time to showcase your skills and also to model your priorities.

For goodness sake, don't do the first 20 minutes of a 2 hour lesson.

Don't wander around tossing your chalk in the air and definitely don't go and chat with the observers!

)Also...- state a clear aim at the beginning and recap/test understanding at the end- make sure you interact with as many students as you can [if it's a small group, ]- make sure you flag up at some point how the topic fits in with the specification or with other topics they might have studied or go on to study- if it's a lesson for year 10 or above, a quick reference to an exam question or typical vocational assignment question never does any harm.

I expect you to have swotted up on what you're teaching.

Come on, most interview panels will let you pick a topic or subject from a wide range of choices; if they haven't told you up front what exam board they use, get on the phone and ask. This is a twenty minute, pull out all the stops, show-'em-what- you've-got opportunity.

We are not looking for a text-book OFTSED lesson plan with all the boxes ticked. You should be able to capture attention and keep it, and you should show warmth towards, and interest in the kids you're faced with.(I don't actually need twenty minutes to see this - it's almost immediately recognisable.)2) I expect you to have worked up a pretty impressive 20 minutes worth of stuff.

Don't throw away time on your classroom 'rules' or an ice-breaker.

The variable x having a value close to zero is different than it having a value of exactly zero. Hence, That is, as y gets arbitrarily close to , stays at . Let’s consider the problem of defining the function for positive integers y and x.

Therefore, we see that the function has a discontinuity at the point . There are a number of definitions that all give identical results. For example, suppose that we decide to define as := .

Activities also show us the quality of your interactions with students.

(For goodness sakes go and talk to the students while they do the task you have set.

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For example, consider the binomial theorem, which says that: = where means the binomial coefficients.

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