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With that in mind you should always take the official route and pay the relatively cheap and best price Mercedes Navigation DVDs which you can buy online using our adverts and links.Whichever model and year of Mercedes you own, you will be able to find a new Mercedes Navigation DVD update.Happy new year to all of our vistors, we have some essential information to share with those who use in-built navigatiokn systems in their vehicles, with maps powered by HERE (formerly Navteq).HERE have now released maps for 2018, so there’s no better time to make sure that you are 100% up to date with […] Last Update January 1st, 2018: Many new Honda vehicles now come with GPS as standard, which is a great bonus for drivers.They will be able to update your navigation system with the Mercedes service disc.This will apply all the missing pieces to your GPS device.By installing a Mercedes-Benz Navigation Map Update CD and disc you will be able to optimize your dashboard GPS system with the latest map updates.The latest 2018 DVD comes with all the most up to date maps from HERE – if any roads, sub-divisions, highways, or business addresses have changed since your last software update they will be on this disc.

Buy a new cheap price disc today and you will benefit from the following GPS map updates and content: Once you have purchased and received your navigation disc for Mercedes-Benz then updating the GPS system is very easy.

Problem 1 – Disc Not Recognized: Service Disc Required If you buy a new Mercedes Navigation DVD and get the error “Disc Not Recognized” or “DVD Not Recognized” appearing on the display console when you try to install then you will need to install a service disc into the system first.

This typically occurs if you have not updated the maps for a number of years, as each navigation system update disc comes with a software update in addition to the new maps.

Firstly these kind of websites are known to carry viruses and could infect your PC when you download the DVD or CD.

It has been known for fans of this vehicle brand to deliberately infect the files that are uploaded to these illegal websites with viruses.

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The 2018 Mercedes-Benz Navigation will cover the whole of the United States, North America, and Canada.

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